About us

Negorkiy is a restaurant that is located in downtown Kyiv.

The concept of the restaurant as well as of the “NEW YORK Concept House”, where Negorkiy is located, will make you feel the spirit of the freedom-loving and respectable NEW YORK CITY.

After crossing the threshold of Negorkiy, you will immediately stay away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life and enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of comfort. Calm and smooth sounds of flowing American jazz can be heard upon entering the restaurant, the subdued tones of the interior, soft chandelier light, everything invites you to relax.

Taking a seat near the window, you will be able to watch a busy restless city of Kyiv from large picture windows. Deep seat chairs, cosy tables for two at the window and for a group of friends will help you to completely forget about the daily rush, relax and enjoy the tastes of European and Pan-Asian dishes.

The restaurant is designed for both business meetings and family dinners, thus it creates an environment where even small children and their families are comfortable hanging out.  There is a terrace, a bright light-filled room as for summer with a nice view of Antonovych Street on the second floor. Particular attention should be given to the bar, where the most delicious classic cocktails are made especially for you. Wines from various regions of the world: France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and the USA are represented on our exquisite wine list.

Negorkiy’s menu combines classic American and Oriental cuisines, which successfully coexist with the best European dishes. Our absolute favourites are iconic American steaks from selected marbled beef, josper and WOK menu and, of course, seafood, wild salmon Label Rouge.